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Famous Italian People

Italy-this place has a romantic and really fashionable too. Think of Italy and the mind conjures up images of great artistic works of some of the most famous artists and some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Italy boasts so many famous people who have left their mark in various fields worldwide. Here's a look at some famous people of Italy, which has made people around the world sit up and take note of their outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Famous Italian People

Salvatore Ferragamo:

This famous person in Italy has made its mark as a shoe designer Italian front. Born in the year 1898 he started working at a young age. Salvatore Ferragamo has shown a penchant for design of the shoe at first. He also had a long collaboration with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. It was about 1927 when Salvatore Ferragamo designed shoes for some of the wealthiest names in the city. It is also known to have inspired millions who have left us.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Giorgio Armani:

This talented fashion designer from Italy is also one of the most successful and sought after fashion designers around the world. With a modest beginning, Giorgio Armani dabbled with different races, until it finds its base interest rate in fashion design. The year was 1974, when he launched the Armani brand, with the help of a partner. Giorgio made his breakthrough in the fashion world through their creations worn by Richard Gere in American Gigolo worn. Since then, Giorgio Armani is known for its neat and clean silhouettes and innovative designs in men's fashion.

Giorgio Armani

A very talented painter and art, Raphael was a famous Italian artist whose works speak volumes about his talent. An early example of this work is a self-portrait by Raphael that had talent in art. Raphael has developed his own style, but at the same time also consumed other cultures as well. He absorbed all the traditions of Florence and translate them into his works.

Leonardo da Vinci:

Leonardo da Vinci is such a famous person from Italy, whose talent knows no boundaries. In the initial phase of his career, was Leonardo da Vinci is known for her artistic talents as a painter and his works got the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper him fame and admiration. Apart from that, the Adoration of the Magi and the Virgin of the Rocks are some of his most valuable. Leonardo was not only a great artist, his knowledge was very advanced in science as well. In addition to being a scientist, Leonardo was also a great sculptor, writer, inventor, and even a musician as well!

Leonardo da Vinci images

Michelangelo is also one of the most famous in Italy and probably also very talented as well. The Italian artist has been a multi-talented personality, and was also a famous sculptor, engineer, poet, and even an architect! Michelangelo is known as an artistic work in the Pieta and David. Statue of David is a masterpiece in itself and is created by the block of marble. Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is also evidence that an experienced person. Michelangelo is known for having written a series of poems.


Sophia Loren

This glamorous Italian star was known worldwide for its sensual and passionate show. Born in 1934, this beautiful Italian woman is also packed with an Oscar for his acting skills. He first tasted success at the end of 1950 and began his career at Dolphin Boy. He has shown his acting abilities, with a variety of roles to his credit. In addition to her acting skills and her beautiful personality, who won the hearts of many, Sophia Loren also tried his hand in singing and also cut an album that has seen a lot of success. Today, it continues to occupy space in the hearts of many!

Sophia Loren

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