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Famous Jazz and Rock Guitarists

Jazz and rock, both are popular art forms, music that creates a significant guitars with other instruments. Several sub-genres of traditional jazz and rock music as jazz-rock fusion, blues-rock or have been innovated by different guitarists. Some of the greatest guitarists in rock and jazz

Jimi Hendrix

Johnny Allen Hendrix, popularly known as Jimi Hendrix, born in 1942, was a famous guitarist, composer and singer. Who rose to fame in Europe. The year 1967 marked a milestone in his career when he won the hearts of Americans Monterey Pop Festival and again in 1969 at the Woodstock Festival. Jimi Hendrix created his own group known as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, including Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold as Love is the most famous album. Jimi Hendrix was a lefty guitarist and played his Fender Stratocaster upside down. He died at the age of 28. He has received numerous prestigious awards. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame. Jimi Hendrix is ​​considered the best guitarist of all time, having influenced many other famous guitarists.Best Guitarist For ROCK And Jazz

Eric Clapton

Born in 1945, guitarist Eric Clapton is a famous composer, lyricist and singer. Young life changed when Eric's grandparents gave him his first guitar. He joined the Yardbirds band, and was with them for 18 months before he formed a group called Group of the cream. Also known as Slow Hand, Clapton is a rock guitarist award-winning, which is associated with a wide range of genres such as rock, rock, hard blues-rock, etc. Eric Clapton is the only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, first as a member of the Yardbirds, then as a member of the cream and later as a soloist.

Eric Clapton Best Guitarist For ROCK And Jazz
Jimmy Page

Born in 1944, James Page is a guitarist and composer famous. He was a member of the Yardbirds band 2 years, 1966-1968. Later, he was a founding member of the famous British band Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is the most talented and versatile musician with a hard rock, blues-rock and heavy metal is his genre. In addition, guitar, musical instruments played with Jimmy Page are the dulcimer, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, bass, etc. His famous solo Stairway to Heaven, is considered the greatest guitar solo. It 'been involved in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, a member of the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin band member accordingly.

Led Zeppelin Best Guitarist For ROCK And Jazz
Jeff Beck

A famous rock guitarist and composer, Geoffrey (Jeff) Beck, born in 1944. He was a member of the band The Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. He later formed his own group called the Jeff Beck Group. His music genres including heavy metal, hard rock, instrumental rock and jazz fusion. He won four Grammy Awards for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, and is also inserted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Best Guitarist For ROCK And Jazz
Joe Satriani

American instrumental rock guitarist famous, Joseph (Joe) Satriani, born in 1956. Known for creating a variety of music including rock instrumental metal, heavy, jazz fusion, etc, Satriani is a record for most number of Grammy nominations. Satriani was chosen as the singer for a band tour of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stone. His solo albums include the famous surfing with the alien, flying in a blue dream of extremists. Joe Satriani is influenced by all the famous guitarists mentioned above.Famous Jazz and Rock Guitarists

Best Guitarist For ROCK And JazzBest Guitarist For ROCK And Jazz

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