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Famous People from Honduras

List of Famous People from Honduras

Here's a mention of some famous Hondurans who have excelled in different fields.

Jose R. Ruiz (1838 - 1913): Painter
Father of the famous Pablo Picasso, Jose Ruiz was a famous painter himself. His unique, mesmerizing painting transport the viewers to an unreal world of daydreams and fantasies. His creative style paintings intrigued myriads.

José Cecilio del Valle (1780 - 1834): Philosopher, Politician, Lawyer, and JournalistJosé Cecilio del Valle
Nicknamed as 'The Wise', Valle was one of the most renown and important Central American figure during the transition from colonial government to independence. His expertise and knowledge helped the nation to great extent. Once he retired from politics he delved into writing, and then left for his heavenly abode in 1834.

Froilán Turcios (1875 - 1943): Novelist and Writer
This famous Honduran writer is considered to be one of the most important Honduran intellectuals belonging to the early twentieth century. He also was a famous journalist and leading politician of those times. Since he opposed the American involvement in Honduras, most of this literary works are violent stories with strong plots.

Roberto Sosa: The Poet
Considered to be the national poet of Honduras and one of the best poets in Central America, Roberto Sosa was born on April 18, 1930 in Yoro, Honduras. Roberto published his first book when he was almost 30 years old. His book 'Los Pobres' published in 1969 won the Adonais Prize in Spain. Roberto, as of today resides in the capital city of Honduras.

Rafael Leonardo Callejas: PresidentRafael Leonardo Callejas
Born on 14 November 1943 in Tegucigalpa in Honduras, Rafael Leonardo Callejas held the presidential position from 27 January 1990 to 27 January 1994. He studied and became an expert in financial and economic issues connected to agronomy.

Steve Van Buren: Football Player
Born on December 28, 1920 in La Ceiba, Honduras, Steve Van Buren is a former professional American football halfback. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League from 1944 - 1951 and retired after a knee injury before the 1952 season. Today, this famous football player resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Reinaldo Rueda: Soccer Coach
Born on February 3, 1957 in Cali, Reinaldo Rueda, a Colombian football manager is handling the Honduras national football team since January 2007. He has also been a University professor and has taught several subjects at the Colombian National School.

List of Some More Famous Honduran People

Names Profession
Amado Guevara Soccer player
Angela Bendeck Singer
Carlos Flores President of Honduras
Eduardo Bähr Writer
Evelio Reyes Evangelical pastor
Mario Zamora Sculptor
Ezequiel Padilla Ayestas Painter
Maribel Lieberman Entrepreneur
Julio Escoto Writer
Guillermo Maldonado Evangelical pastor
Salvador Nasralla Sports commentator
Renan Almendarez Coello Tennessee Radio talk host
Izza Medina Tennis player
Salvador Moncada Scientist
Jireh Wilson Singer
Renan Carias Singer

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