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Biography of American comedian Jerry Lewis

American comedian Jerry Lewis is remembered by fans for the antics on the screen and telethons to raise money for charity. Lewis, now a victim of muscular dystrophy, shared a successful presence on the screen with the legendary singer and actor Dean Martin ...

Jerry Lewis was born on March 16, 1926. The Hollywood actor, director, film producer and the singer has bagged several awards for his career from organizations such as "The House of Gold" and "Los Angeles Film Critics. His charisma on screen and off- Screen has earned two stars in the "Hollywood Walk of Fame."

Jerry Lewis American Comedian
Biography of Jerry Lewis:

Joseph Levitch was born in 1926 in Newark, New Jersey. His parents, Daniel and Rachel Levitch Levitch (nee Brodsky), were of Jewish origin were Russians. Joseph took the screen name of Jerry Lewis, spent his father's name "Danny Lewis, a vaudeville actor. His mother was a part of the entertainment industry. Rachel Levitch was a pianist and singer notes. Jerry Lewis gave his first step at the age of five years. When I was fifteen, he had his own record of the law. He was able to mime the words and lyrics popular.

The Jerry Lewis manic gained popularity in the world when he joined with singer Dean Martin, crazy antics soft. The comedy team of Martin and Lewis was a true delight audiences with a synchronized interaction that caused the non-stop laughter. The duo enjoyed the national scene during the 1940's. Much has been signed by the club events, radio, television and live a successful series of Paramount. The popularity of the team was immortalized in "The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, published by DC Comics between 1952 and 1957. However, the association has had a sad end as the role of Martin in their emissions have become negligible. partnership officially ended on July 25, 1956. Then, "The Adventures of Jerry Lewis came into the stands until 1971. The couple reconciled in late 1980. Some of his films The kit includes:

* Living It Up (1954)

* You're never too young (1955)

* Hollywood or Bust (1956)

* Artists and Models (1955)

* The Caddy (1953)

* Scared Stiff (1953)

* At war with the army (1950)

* Pardners (1956)

* My Friend Irma (1949)

Lewis remained a star in the Paramount comedy after separation of Martin. Some of his solo films include:

* Delicate Pain (1957)

* Rock-A-Bye Baby (1958)

* Geisha Boy (1958)

* Itchy McRabbitt in Li'l Abner (1959)

* Visit to a Small Planet (1960)

* Bellhop (1960)

* The Ladies Man (1961)

* The errand boy (1961)

* It's only money (1962)

* The Nutty Professor (1963)

* Who takes care of the store? (1963)

* The Patsy (1964)

* The Day the Clown Cried (1972)

Lewis singing career highlights include:

* Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody

* It all depends on you
Jerry Lewis American Comedian
Jerry Lewis is a well-known Hollywood film industry, innovation and style. He is credited with developing technologies for the use of cameras and monitors to see the scenes of the circuit is described. This technique has become the standard for the film, called "video assist". Jerry Lewis has taught directing at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, for many years and a good mentor for one of these famous student of the University, the George Lucas.

His accomplishments have given the following awards:

* Special Price Photoplay (1952)

* Most Cooperative Actress Golden Apple Award (1954)

* Golden Laurel Award Special - King Comedy (1965)

* Lifetime Achievement Award, American Comedy Awards (1997)

* Price for a career in Los Angeles Film Critics Association (2004)

* Prices of Governors Primetime Emmy Awards (2005)

* Satellite Award for outstanding guest star on Law & Order on TV: Special Victims Unit (2006)

* Induction of New Jersey Hall of Fame (2009)

* Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award 81 Academy Awards (2009)

Today, a victim of muscular dystrophy, Jerry Lewis still uses his art to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association MDA income Jerry Lewis Telethon.

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