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Tips For Auditioning For American Idol

American Best IdolTips For Auditioning For American Idol

American Idol is not just a singing contest - is a forum for a dream, a legend-making. American Idol is in front of young people - a bold, dynamic, impressive and very talented. And 'the Apple of every human eye. Feeling around, until then, all the lights shining on you, people go crazy just to hear his voice, singing, all clapping, screaming and yelling, cheering you on, and then the deafening applause and whistles to follow .. . I'm sure you will feel like king of the world. There is something intoxicating to be under the supervision of so many people - that will follow the style of your dress, the labels want to know, is kidnapped! It is indeed a heady feeling. But before you get all that you have to survive through the days and weeks of tests, tests and exams. It leaves its mark on day 1 and you have to convince them, at any price, that you are the next youth icon, you'll be the next American Idol.

How can you do? I'm here to tell you exactly that.

Tips for auditioning for American Idol

Selection of songs

Be sure to select a song that suits your compliments and votes. They feel comfortable with his song, know the words by heart and repeat! Practice until you are confident about performing the song. Practice until you feel the song in the blood cells to the last atom of his body. It is important to perform with conviction. You've dreamed of it, hoping that he gave his life, let them see. If it is evident in the way of throwing your voice, how to hold the microphone in the singing. Do not select a song just to impress the judges. Although less well known is a song, if it's something you really like, something I've always wanted to play to an audience so go ahead.


His dress and appearance, what is happening there to register with the judge's mind, even before his voice. So dress to make a statement. But that does not mean it's going to be a vision and become a show! Choose a costume that will make you look modern, chic, cool and stylish. But choose something that will make you look like a phony. Do not choose a costume that does not feel comfortable in. Even if the clothing is important, ultimately, his voice is going to land the title of American Idol. So do not lose focus on his attempt to impress the judges. sure to choose a team that will complement the type of song you have chosen to sing at the hearings. You do not want to appear looking like a punk kid, and then sings "It's a love story, baby Just Say Yes" or a romantic song it is!

Attitude and body language

While trust is important, do not be overconfident. Make sure you know what we can. Do not let the judges and their comments or remarks that intimidate you. At the same time, do not act like a veteran, you are not cos. His body language and attitude should reflect the confidence and cool without being cold or neglect. Prove you are, and actually be really interested in honest feedback. Although they say they did not like his performance not kill. Honestly and openly asked what you missed, you have failed, and what they believe should be working. The way they behave should not put the judges off. At the same time, you should not look weak or desperate. Although you want to be aware of how American Idol is for you, I do not want to feel like asking you to take!

Words, words, words ...

If the judges like the performance, is likely to ask you some questions. They want to know more about you. This is the first test. The judges may ask questions trick to see what kind of person you are, assess where you are going to be able to handle the pressure of being competition. In times like these, it can be intimidating, anxious, nervous, or you can simply get tongue-tied. On the other hand, it can be so sure of yourself, you end up playing arrogant. Be very careful when you answer the questions the judges asked. Do not make blatant statements like "I am what you are looking for," "I am the best you can find anywhere", at the same time, the lure is not to choose. "I love you!", "You're the best!", "I came here to see you!" - NO. There is no way to make announcements. Not only is a major turn-off, is simply bad idea.


American Idol is not just being a singer. See what the title says - American Idol. Idol. You are - if you win - will be to define what everyone should want to be. And it is a great responsibility - to represent the people, to represent the youth of the country. Do not show to be someone you're not. Pretending to give people - leave that wants to be you. Do not pretend or try to copy or imitate anyone - even if they are your idols. Be especially careful not to imitate the voice of any Idol winner, or even an artist. Be original. Rejects nothing more as someone who also tries to be someone they are not, someone is trying too hard. Be yourself, do mark as yourself.

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