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David Copperfield-He crossed the Great Wall of China

David Copperfield-He crossed the Great Wall of China, which has made the Statue of Liberty disappear! This is David Copperfield, a magician and illusionist America.
David Copperfield-He crossed the Great Wall of China
He was born September 16, 1956 in Metuchen, New Jersey. His parents, Hyman and Rebecca were Russians. He was known as David Seth Kotkin. At an early age of twelve, David began practicing magic. He became the youngest magician to be admitted into the Society of American Magicians - one of the most prestigious magic organizations in the world.

Since 1972 is the current Magic assistant coach at New York University. It 'an interesting story about how he got the name of David Copperfield. At the age of 18 years, came to Fordham University. There was the lead role in Chicago based on the game, the Magic Man, but after work to play, decided to accept the name of David Copperfield. At a time when David was 19 years, takes place Pagoda Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

At the age of 24 years, called Ken, a magician is a horror film, which was called the Terror Train. He made a small appearance of the Pret-a-Porter, a movie in 1994. It became popular among the masses through his television programs.

David Copperfield is the art began to be used for good social cause, the creation of a "Project Magic" in 1982. It 'been a rehabilitation program to help people with disabilities regain their ability to deftly. He used a sleight of hand magic tricks, improve access for disabled patients. American Occupational Therapy Association has officially approved the program. It 'used for therapeutic purposes in different hospitals in 30 countries around the world.

In 1993, David Copperfield and supermodel Claudia Schiffer, met in Berlin celebrity gala. She invited him on stage to participate in the act of mind reading. Three months ago, were involved. It disbanded in 1999.

David Copperfield has conceptualized a theme restaurant, which will be called "Magic Underground." Unfortunately, the concept did not materialize. The restaurant was set up in two places, namely New York City and Walt Disney World. Digital audio-video conference will allow visitors to interact remotely with each other. Copperfield had an idea to move tables and servers of magic.
David Copperfield-He crossed the Great Wall of China
In 1996, worked to Copperfield David Copperfield Tales of the impossible. "The book consists of writings on the original fiction, part of the world of magic and illusion." David Copperfield Beyond Imagination "is the second volume in the series published in 1997.

Here is an incident that Copperfield used his magical abilities in self defense. In 2006, Copperfield was assaulted at gunpoint while back after his performance in West Palm Beach, Florida. Two women who accompanied their goods delivered to the thieves. Copperfield claims to have used his technique of sleight of hand to hide his assets.

Apart from his illusions to the Statue of Liberty disappear and walking through the Great Wall of China, showed Copperfield flying in the air. He also made a tour of the Grand Canyon Levitation.

David Copperfield has performed in many television programs in the United States. In its early years, it shows popular. As time passed, he became so famous that he began to make popular television shows. He is the recipient of the Emmy Award and the Living Legend Award. The French government knighted. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he was a star. He is the first living magician to receive this honor.
David Copperfield Image
David Copperfield, the illusionist famous, known for its blend of illusions and storytelling, performed about 500 shows a year. It is truly a living legend.

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