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Famous People from Florida

Famous People from Florida

Sidney Poitier: Born February 20, 1927, Sidney Poitier Oscar Bahamas is an actor, director, writer and diplomat. It has been proud of the prestigious Golden Globe, BAFTA and Grammy Awards. It 'was born in Miami, Florida, and spent his childhood in the Bahamas. His parents earned their living by selling agricultural production. When he was 17, he moved to New York and began a series of jobs, and then decided to enlist in the U.S. Army. He became interested in the job, but has not received a positive reception from the audience. Determined to improve his skills theater, he continued his research. He has deceived the public in his second attempt on stage. He noticed, and offered an important role to play "Lysistrata," the Broadway production. Poitier was the first black male actor to be nominated and win an Oscar for Best Actor, "Field of Lilies."

For the same work, which also received the Golden Globe for Best Actor. He had a distinguished career as director, "Fast Forward", "Quit" and "Ghost Dad", as some of his notable works. In 2002, the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences awarded him the honor, in recognition of his outstanding achievements in his career and his goodness as a human being.Florida, famous, people, string Sidney Poitier

Janet Reno: Born July 21, 1938, Janet Reno was the Attorney General of the United States, serving from 1993-2001. He was one of the two Danish Americans in the cabinet. Janet Reno was born in Miami, Florida and attended a public school in Miami-Dade County, Florida. After a minor in chemistry from Cornell University in New York, became the president of the autonomous government of the Women's Association. In 1963, he obtained his LL.B. from Harvard. In 1971 Reno became the Staff Director of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives from Florida. Later, in 1993, the appointment of President Bill Clinton and Attorney General of the United States and was confirmed on March 11. After his term, he traveled the world giving speeches about the criminal justice system. She strongly believes in the relationship between education and crime in a country.

Florida, famous, people, string anet Reno

Cannonball Adderley: Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley was born September 15, 1928. He was a jazz saxophonist of world renown. He was in Tampa, but moved to New York in 1955. He has been praised for his musical work in the 1950's and 60's. His playing showed the influence of electric jazz style and the style of doubling the soprano saxophone. He has given many performances and also appeared on television. "This year," Walk Tall "and" Work Song "are some of the works that made him popular Adderley. That expired in 1975. He finds a place in the Hall of Fame Jazz Down Beat. He was awarded the Grammy Award in 1967 and, especially, the winner of the hearts of their fans and followers.
Florida, famous, people, string Cannonball Adderley

Jacqueline Cochran: It 'was born May 11, 1906 Muscogee, Florida. In 1930, Cochran began taking flying lessons Roosevelt Airfield, Long Island. Short period of time three months, he could fly a plane, and obtained a license in just two years. In 1938, he was considered the best female pilot in the United States. To list a record of his successes, was the first woman to break the sound barrier, the first woman to fly, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic and the first woman pilot of the bomber to fly the plane over the ocean . It was a proud winner of five trophies Harmon for his exceptional ability of a woman pilot. He has contributed significantly during the war in training camps for women and women of the Army Auxiliary Air Force Service Pilots. He died aged 74, is in Indio, California. He really was only one of its kind!
Florida, famous, people, string Cannonball Adderley

Wallace Amos: Amos Wallace, better known as Wally Amos, was born July 1, 1936 and grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. Later, he moved to Manhattan, where he joined the Food Trades Vocational High School. From a young age, he was very interested in cooking, especially in improving the recipe from her aunt chocolate cookie. After graduation, he took an office job at the William Morris Agency and later became the agent of first African-American talent in the service of this agency. Her chocolate cookies were an attraction among his friends and clients. On one of the suggestions of his friends, Wallace Amos opened a store in Los Angeles biscuits. The store was called "famous Amos" and it quickly became popular throughout the United States. In 1994 he founded the "Uncle Noname Company Gourmet Cupcake," which focused on the production of fat muffins. Muffins made a huge sales across the nation. Wally Amos, who currently resides in New York is really a self-made man.
She believes it is necessary for the government to help youth court works to solve the problems of disturbed children and adolescents in the country.

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