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Famous people from Ecuador

Famous people from Ecuador

Juan Jose Flores y Aramburu: it was an army general who became the first president of Ecuador. He joined the army at 15 years and was a senior manager in 1830. On 14 August the same year he became a province of the president of Ecuador.
Juan Jose Flores y Aramburu
Eugenio Espejo: He was a pioneer of science and literature. Besides working as a researcher and writer, he was a polemicist who played a recognized role in the separatist movement in Quito. It was the first journalist in Ecuador and is held in high esteem by the Ecuadorians.
Eugenio Espejo

Eduardo Kingman: He was one of the greatest 20th century artists, Ecuador. After completing the first year of his education, in Quito, he took further studies in Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia. He was a student in the San Francisco Art Institute in California. In addition to being an artist Eduardo Kingman was also a writer and social activist.

Eduardo Kingman

Fanny Carrion de Fierro: Ecuador is one of the famous women in literature. E 'un, poet and essayist, critic. He received a master's degree from the University of California and a BA from the University of Central Ecuador. He is a Doctor of Literature. It has many famous literary works to his name and is currently a member of the board of many development NGOs.

Luis Miranda: It 'one of the greatest painters in Ecuador. His taste for art has been seen due to his youth when he used to draw or doodle, copying the images of the books his mother had. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts, has received a UNESCO scholarship to move to Italy. His unique style of painting has brought him recognition and several prestigious awards.

Luis Miranda
Jefferson Perez of Ecuador is a walker who specializes in Event 20 km Olympic Games. That Ecuadorians proud to win two Olympic medals. It is also the proud winner of bronze in the Junior World Cup in Athletics in Bulgaria, silver in the World Championships in Seville and many awards in various competitions around the world.

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Rafael Correa: As in 2008, Correa President of the Republic of Ecuador. He took office in January 2007. After earning a degree in economics in 1987, he worked in a welfare center in the Cotopaxi province. In 2001 he obtained a doctorate in economics. As finance minister, he worked to eliminate poverty. Correa was declared president in December 2006 and is the 56th President of Ecuador.

Rafael Correa XXX

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