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Famous Women in World War II

Women have played a significant role during the Second World War. After the Second World War or World War II was a time when women also contribute to this very difficult time. Some of their major efforts have been recorded in history, but the efforts of many women and their contribution has often been overlooked in Their World War 2 battles and what kind of sacrifices that have been seen during the Second World War were very commendable , with women a lot more than at this time. World War 2 was a time when women left the kitchen work and moved to yards, and defensive positions to secure a place for himself. Women were at the front during World War 2 and there were several women who have made their mark, and embedded in their names in history. Thus the life of women has changed radically, from home, women had a new responsibility and a different role during World War 2

Women took more seats originally designed for men and highlighted both the same. This was probably due to the absence of men at work due to shortages of people. An overview of some of the strong figures of women in the Second World War.

Women in World War II
Tatiana Nikolaevna Baramzina:
Born December 12, 1919, Tatiana Nikolaevna Baramzina born in Glazov and was also the recipient of the Gold Star in 1943, Tatiana Nikolaevna Baramzina was sent to the Central Training School for Women sniper and graduated in April has been sent to the third Belorussian Front. He managed to kill about 16 enemies here in the first three months itself!

Unfortunately, he grabbed the enemies, and tortured before being shot at Point Blank. Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia, died July 5, 1944 Baramzina. Today, the street where he grew up in was renamed in his memory.

Katya Budanov:
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This dynamic woman was a female fighter pilot during World War 2 and 'born on 7 December day in 1916. He had 11 victories to his credit and is also known as one of two female fighter aces world. The interest in aviation grew as he worked in aircraft production in the early years of his life. He had been prescribed for the unit, which consisted only of women pilots - 586 Fighter Regiment. Katia Budanov was known for his aggressive behavior, and there have been many cases in which he bombed down the enemy planes. During the Second World War, was also a solo tackle in which he shot down a plane, but was killed in combat in the same July 19, 1943.

Anne Frank:
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Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born German who was known throughout the publication of her diary that tells all his experiences of the Germans invaded the Netherlands in World War II. Anne was born June 12, 1929, and he, along with his family went into hiding in July 1942. Two years later his family were captured and seven months after his arrest, Anne Frank died of typhus in March since the beginning of 1945.

Margaret Ringenberg:
Margaret Ringenberg
Margaret Ringenberg was born June 17, 1921.She began her career during the Second War Two when he shot a pilot for Air Force pilots ferry service women. It became a flight instructor in 1945. He even wrote his own book called "The girls can be pilots. She has many trophies to his credit.

Hannah Szenes:
Hannah Szenes XXX
Szenes Hannah was born July 17, 1921 and was trained to parachute from the British army in Yugoslavia during the Second World War. This task was given to save the Jews of Hungary. His secret mission was not disclosed, although he was tortured after his arrest on the border with Hungary. Hannah Szenes has faced immense torture, but not discouraged. She fought bravely and tried to sing to keep your mood! It also keeps a record of events in his diary on November 7, 1944, when he was finally executed by firing squad.

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