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Famous Spanish women

The famous Spanish women
Penelope Cruz:
This beautiful Spanish actress looks gorgeous with Drop Dead is one of many famous Spanish women on the world stage today. Penelope began her career as a dancer and then she moved to television. Since its inception, Penélope always had a propensity to dance and perform. A trained dancer in jazz, Penélope first tasted success when she appeared in a video. One of his film also won an Oscar in the category of foreign languages. She also received rave reviews for her performance in Volver. Since there is no looking back for this pretty lady!

Penelope Cruz

Isabelle I:

This lady was born in 1451 and was the reigning queen of Castile and Leon. She was born in Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Spain. One of the most important periods that had a big impact in his life was in the 1492nd year was the period, then the conquest of Granada. Isabella I, with her husband, created a solid basis for the Union of Spain. Isabelle I was also the first woman who had appeared on an American play.

Sara Montiel:

Sara Montiel and can be considered one of the most popular names in Spanish film based on the known. His film, El cuple and The Last violetera a lot of success. He began his career at age 16. Plays the role of Islamic film called Locura de Amor Princess. This was followed by some breaks in Hollywood as well. He was quick to reject the 7-year contract, however, wanted to freelance with Warner Bros. When Hollywood did not really have a lot to offer to her, Sara Montiel prefer to return to Spain.
Sara Montiel Sexy
Rosalia de Castro:

This Spanish celebrities born in 1837. It was a highly revered writer in Spanish and a very talented poet. This was enough to suffer some setbacks in his life, marked by poverty and pain. Rosalia de Castro wrote in the languages ​​Galician and Castilian. His work is marked with a distinctive touch of sadness and a kind of nostalgia permeates the verses written by her.
Rosalia de Castro Sexy

Ana Belen:

Originally known as Maria del Pilar Cuesta Acosta, this beautiful Spanish woman was born in May 1951. This is a talented actress and singer in Spanish was her first scene, which operates during the mid-1960. After a while 'also began his musical career. This has appeared on albums such as Tierra and Calle del Oso. She also starred in various films and 1977, has embarked on a new album called Miramar. This was named best-selling album of his career.

Ana Belen

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