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Famous People From Montana

Montana;Located in the Great Plains and Pacific Northwest of the United States and includes a large part of the Northern Rockies, Montana is named after the Spanish word mountain. He also repeatedly asked the State Treasury "," land of mountains Shining "and" Big Sky Country. "As these names suggest, Montana is known for its picturesque landscape. Of particular importance is the Glacier National Park, Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area, Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, part of Yellowstone National Park, National Bison Range Moiese, and Beaver Creek Hill County Park. If you're a fan of "western" novels and movies, you're probably already familiar with the Montana wildlife value (Grizzly Bear, buffalo, elk, moose, deer, antelope, golden eagles, sage grouse, trumpeter swans, snow geese, pelicans and western meadowlarks), the limit of characters and colorful tradition.

Famous People of Montana

Charles Russell (1864-1926)Charles Russell American, hot news - The first person that comes to mind when I think Montana artist Charles Russell. He has completed over 2,000 paintings and bronze sculptures that capture the essence of the "Wild West", which represents the Indian plains, cowboys and landscapes of the west, in an inimitable style. Charles Russell was born in Missouri, he liked the art and the idea of ​​"the West" at an early age and, finally, sixteen years moved to Montana to work on a sheep ranch. He went to work with livestock OH Judith Basin, Central Montana, and continued to create art on the side. The story goes that one winter, he painted a small watercolor postcard size shows a fine guide stalked by gray wolves in a snowy landscape and the foreman of a ranch send this picture to the rancher to inform them of the conditions at the ranch.

Ranch owner and his friends were very impressed with the work - "Waiting for Chinook" - Russell has brought a taste of fame. You can see his works of Charles M. Russell Museum Complex in Great Falls.

Jack Horner (1946) - Born in Shelby, Montana, Jack Horner is the curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman and is credited with the discovery of new dinosaur species (the Maiasuara the Orodromeus, new species of Tyrannosaurus rex and others) and for original research on dinosaur growth and developmental biology. He has published numerous papers, articles and books on paleontology. It was the basis of the character Dr. Alan Grant in "Jurassic Park", the book and then served as technical advisor on the film.

Jack Horner American, hot news
Henry Plummer (1832 - 1864) - Henry Plummer was the sheriff of Bannack, Montana, who was hanged without trial by a group of vigilantes in 1864 for the alleged crime was never proved that is a lawless gang of the page. It has been much controversy as to whether it was or not guilty. Looks good and eloquent man, most accounts of the day his image as a snob, prominent and resourceful individual. But he also had a history of violence. Approximately 129 years after being lynched, he received a posthumous trial that ended in a split verdict of the jury.

Cowboys Indians of the plains for the miners to soldiers to actors, stunt men writers for athletes to politicians, Montana, has produced some special people, talented and interesting.

Henry Plummer American, hot news
Myrna Loy (1905 - 1993) - Born in Radersburg, Montana, Myrna Loy is famous for his roles in films like "The Man" series Slim, The Great Ziegfeld, the best years of our lives, the license and the Bobby Soxer It. is also famous for having themselves listed on the blacklist infamous Hitler.
Myrna Loy American, hot news

Jeannette Rankin (1880 -1973) - Jeannette Rankin, who was born in Missoula, Montana, was the first woman elected to Congress in 1917, the only member of Congress to vote against U.S. entry world at war, a supporter of Gandhi and Martin Luther King and an opponent of the Vietnam War.

Jeannette Rankin American, hot news
Will James (1892-1942) - Will James was a famous illustrator and author of The American West and many of his books were made into movies. His real name was Joseph, Ernest Dufault Naphtali, and he was born in St. Nazaire de Acton Canada, Quebec region. He showed the creative pipeline from an early age, but as a teenager, he began to work hand in cattle. He changed his name to William James and Roderick moved to the United States, where he worked his way across the country. It 'was arrested in Nevada cattle rustling, and then did stunts in the film, even joined the army for a while', and has worked as a cowboy. Finally he began to concentrate seriously on his art and writing and had a successful career. He bought the ranch in Billings, Montana, and raised the art and writings are on display in the Art Museum of the Yellowstone. Some of his books are - Smoky Cow Horse, Dark Horse, Home Ranch and sand: the story of a man and a horse.

Will JamesAmerican, hot news

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