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Famous Players Of Hockey Top 5 hockey players

Like all sports, hockey is also a very challenging and competitive game, in which two teams play against each other to direct the ball or the puck directly to the network through an opponent's hockey stick. Athletes have a crush on for the hearts and minds of countless people for centuries. Hard work, diligence and perseverance in the public sector hockey left fascinated and entertained for centuries. Among the results of the hockey players, who won the game fame, and disappeared without a trace, others have distinguished themselves in a prominent place to etch in our hearts forever. Let's look at some famous hockey players who have entertained thousands on their sporting careers.
Top 5 hockey players famous names

Selection of 5 best hockey players of all time famous is not an easy task. While choosing the top 5, several criteria such as scoring, passing, leadership skills, skating, etc., must be taken into account. Based on these characteristics and skills, the decision must be approved and the statement must be rewarded. Below is information about the 5 best hockey players of all time famous.

Wayne Gretzky

The Canadian professional ice hockey is to retain the title of "greatest hockey player of all time". No wonder he was nicknamed "The Great One '. This play hockey career began in the legend 1978 and by the time of his retirement on 18. April 1999, was the man, 40 regular season records, six All-Star records, 15 playoff records under his belt. In fact, it is the only NHL (National Hockey League hockey) player to have a total of more than 200 points in a season. This immense task of Wayne Gretzky, conducted four times. When he retired, Gretzky was recorded in Wall of Fame. His career Player has been engraved in the history of hockey gold.

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Mario Lemieux

However, another Canadian professional ice hockey, Mario Lemieux had a playing career from 1984 to 2006. The talented playmaker skating fast and was well known for hitting the defenders of the lies and feints, and was the deadliest striker NHL goal and one point for each match. He played for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL as a forward for 17 seasons from 1984 to 2005. However, unlike Gretzky, Lemieux did not play for a team leader. In addition, his career was plagued by multiple health problems. He suffered from various diseases such as cancer, back pain, spinal disc herniation and chronic tendinitis of a hip flexor. The pain was so unbearable that people had to tie his shoes for him. However, despite these setbacks, arrived and continued the game. In 2006, when he retired, he was in seventh place in the best scorer of all time ", with 690 goals and assists 1033.

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Bobby Orr

This Canadian ice hockey player and fan of the sport captivated audiences during his 12 years playing career from 1966 to 1978. This highly regarded defenseman made his NHL career with two seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks and the rest of his career with the Boston Bruins. He won eight trophies Norris clocks, and thus became the title of best defenseman in the NHL. He also won the title of Most Valuable Player in the NHL, after leading the Boston Bruins to three to finish the regular season first place. Retirement, in partnership with Paul Krepelka Orr and Rick Curran and became a player agent.

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Maurice "Rocket" Richard

When a playing career in 1942-1960, Joseph Henri Maurice Rocket Richard, or when the first hockey player of his era, scoring 50 goals in 50 games. In addition, it was the first player to score 500 career goals hockey. It 'been a captain for four straight wins in a row from 1957-1960 and won the Stanley Cup eight times in Montreal. Who retire at the Rocket Richard had 544 goals with distinction in the credit of leading the league in goals five times. Upon his retirement, was the NHL all-time leading scorer.

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Gordie Howe

There is a hockey player in the history of hockey, which has played more games of this legendary player, Gordie Howe. Early in his career as a player in 1946, Howe seems to be the only player to have participated in the NHL five (1940 to 1980) for several decades. Wow! Congratulations to all! He spent 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings fantastic, and a strap to keep his record score more goals (786). In addition to his title to get the most points, 1809 points is that the hockey player and career assists more than a career; 1023 This all-round player was a roll of learned skills, scoring, management staff, and techniques of others involved in the game of hockey. He played until the age of 52 and finally retired in 1980.

hockey player and sexuality

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