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Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs Was Died

Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs Was DiedThe late Steve Jobs can not be completed successfully created a new trend in the world of technology, be it a cell phone and the way the surf. In addition to innovative work, also known expert in the presentation of the results of goods.

His trademark is wearing a black collared shirt with long sleeves, turtleneck and jeans, Jobs surprised people how to make the flagship product of Apple.

Here are five memorable moments in employment presentations and interviews, the version of CNN:

1. IPhone and versatile.

In 2007, said Jobs is on stage he will present three revolutionary products in its class. "First of all, a widescreen iPod with touch function. Second, a revolutionary mobile phone. Third, advanced communication tool on the Internet, "said Jobs.

Directly behind the screen that appears three symbols that spin devices and merge into one. Work smile. "Do you understand? There is three different devices. This is a tool, and we call it the iPhone," Jobs said.

Welcome to the second Apple Store

Some experts say that a store that sells only one brand of products is a bad idea, but not employment.

In 2001, Jobs concept store that sells only Apple products from these companies. In a video that was seen jobs go in the first Apple Store in Virginia. This is the first Apple store in the 300 others around the world.

This shop not only sells, said Jobs, but also give input devices and solutions to guess what day to day. "Literally, half the store is responsible for providing solutions. Because people do not just buy a computer, but they want to know what they can do with your computer," said Jobs.

IPAD is a magical third

"It's amazing, fascinating, can not be trusted. It is a dream," the letter of employment in 2010, when he introduced the iPad, a tablet PC with the latest innovations from Apple.

He said buyers do not buy iPad goods, but a particularly close relationship with these devices. "It is more intimate than a laptop," he said.

IPAD difficult to sell on the market. Currently, the iPad to get 90 percent of the profits of tablet computer sales worldwide.

4. Completion

The completion of the graduation speech at Stanford University in 2005, Jobs gave the speech of students not to waste their lives. This is a rare moment when Jobs has spoken publicly, not to present their products.

In his speech, Jobs tells his life full of surprisesFormer CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs Was Died
Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs, has died at the age of 56 years. Former CEO of Apple who is remembered as one of America's best CEOs, died on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 after years of fighting against cancer and a host of health problems.

Jobs announced Apple's death the announcement Wednesday night.

Silicon Valley icon is remembered for his services entertain the world with the iPod and iPhone. Last August, he had just handed the CEO position to Tim Cook.

Jobs, who has long grappled with Pancreatic Cancer is a life and spirit for companies that compete with Exxon Mobil as most valuable company in the United States.. He said that adoption is the child who had never attended school because there is no charge. Now it has become one of the world's billionaires who have left.

In addition, he also said that the risk of pancreatic cancer and died. "Your time is limited, do not waste it by being you do not want," he said.

5th Tablet PC? What the hell is he?

At the conference Digital in 2007, with jobs Microsoft founder Bill Gates interviewed together. In the interview, Mr. Gates said the future of the computer is a tablet. Gates himself took him everywhere.

Jobs were then looked surprised when Mr. Gates tablet. His face is like asking what is the tablet computer. Asked about the future of tablet PCs, Jobs said was, "PC has been very difficult."

Interview was conducted two years before Apple introduced the iPad. However, it is difficult to understand why an innovative electronic devices do not know or do not have a Tablet PC.

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