Thursday, October 6, 2011

Official Apple Inc. announced Wednesday Steve Jobs has died

Apple Inc. announced Wednesday Steve Jobs has die

Apple Inc. announced Wednesday that the founder of leading technology companies from the U.S., Steve Jobs, has died. He died after years of struggling to cope with cancer. He died at the age of 56 years.

Steve Jobs resigned as Chief Executive of Corporate Apple in August after saying he could no longer be routinely manage the company. The position he was replaced by Tim Cook's status as Chairman, while Apple's Jobs.
Wednesday Steve Jobs has died
Steve Jobs is known as the businessman handed the gold. According to the news station CNN, Jobs founded Apple when he was only 21 years along with Steve Wozniak and Mike Markulla. Starting from a garage in Silicon Valley, they pioneered the effort to assemble a number of products Apple computers Macintosh desktop.

But in 1985, knocked out of Apple after Jobs could not maintain its position on the board of directors. He then started his own company, NeXT.

Jobs eventually returned to Apple in 1997 and rescued the company from the threat of bankruptcy.

He even managed to make Apple as one of the world's leading technology companies to produce innovative products, such as iPod, iPhone, MacBook, and now iPad tablet computer.

Before returning to Apple, he also successfully established the company of cinema cartoons, Pixar Studios.

"The vision and outstanding leadership demonstrated Apple's Steve Jobs has been saved and guided him as the most innovative technology companies," said Art Levinson, Chairman of Genentech, representing the Board of Directors of Apple, told the Chicago Tribune.
"Steve has made a remarkable contribution to the success of Apple. He has inspired his staff and set up a team of Apple executives are extraordinary," said Levinson.

Brilliant take his company into the forefront, Jobs troubled by poor health. He's been on leave for two years as CEO of Apple because it concentrates overcome pancreatic cancer. That is why in August, he chose to retire and support Tim Cook as the new CEO.

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